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Below are some of the most common Author Assistant tasks we do. As well as the website design work we do. There are also two packages that we offer. If you don’t see what you are looking for contact us to see if we can still help.


eBook Formatting (epub, mobi)

Paperback Formatting (MS Word, Velium)

Update/Upload Book Files

Social Media Setup

Social Media Monthly Calendar

Social Media Posts

Newsletter (Monthly)


Newsletter (Bi-Weekly)

Newsletter (Weekly)

Release Marketing Plan

Website Design

Website Maintenance

Web Hosting


Priced Individually

$25 each

$25 (basic) / $50 (advanced)

$50 (basic) / $100 (advanced)

$25 /title


$25 /month 

$100 /month

$50 /month

$75 /month

$100 /month

$100 /title

$350 (basic) / $500 (advanced)*

$35 /hour

$8 /month



4 basic /mo

4 title /mo

upgrade for $25 /month

upgrade for $50 /month


($1200 one time fee

+ $300/mo)

4 basic /mo

4 titles /mo

upgrade for $25 /month

upgrade for $50 /month

Included for 1 title

Basic Included*

* may require a custom quote

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