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Everyone knows about the creative side of being a writer. But once you publish, things start to turn very business-y very fast. If you find yourself overwhelmed, or just in need of an extra set of hands, we can help.

What is an Author’s Assistant?

An Author’s Assistant is like a personal assistant that specialize in working with authors. The assistant work we do is all digital. This means we don’t have to be located in the same area in order to help you.

The goal of an Author’s Assistant is to take on things that an author may not have the time or desire to do, but still needs to be done.

What does an Author’s Assistant Do?

It depends on what the author needs. But they usually do things like:

  • Update the Author’s Website
  • Generate and Update Book Digital Files
  • Upload Book Files to Distributors
  • Manage Newsletters
  • Provide Social Media Assistance
  • Format eBooks and Paperbacks

Really it all comes down to what you need and what the assistants skills include.

How Do I Get Started?

If your interested in seeing if we can help you as an author, take a look at our Author Assistant Menu (which is essentially a pricing table for common tasks.) Then, reach out to us with the specifics of what you need, and we can provide a custom quote.

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